These policies represent the constitution of the Linuxaudio.org consortium, including the standard conditions for membership. They may be revised by a majority decision of the Linuxaudio.org Management Board.

  1. The aim of the Linuxaudio.org consortium is to promote and enable the use of Linux kernel based systems for professional audio use.
  2. The Linuxaudio.org consortium will be steered by a Management Board, comprising one representative from each member project or company. The Management Board will meet at least once a year. Should a management decision be put to a vote, each representative will have one vote, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  3. Day to day administration of the consortium will be performed by a Director, who will answer to the Management Board.
  4. Linuxaudio.org consortium members will respect copyright and all software licences. In collaborative projects, there will be no leakage of code from libre to proprietary software, or vice versa.
  5. The Linuxaudio.org consortium prefers open standards and file formats. However, it recognises that reverse engineering of proprietary formats is sometimes required to enable interoperability.