Music acknowledges the great importance of outreach. Thus, in order to affirm our dedication to this important aspect of our mission, we have implemented what a CD compilation of music made exclusively using Linux.

In 2004, the first volume of "Made in Linux" CD compilation was released titled "Tux Power". We hope to make more releases in the future

In the spirit of libre movement, "Made in Linux" releases are freely obtainable online both in compressed (OGG) and uncompressed formats (FLAC).

The releases were made entirely using Linux, including sequencing, synthesis, recording, mixing, mastering and insert production. If you would like to replicate the CD for distribution contact Ivica Ico Bukvic (ico at linux audio dot org).


  1. Made in Linux vol.1: Tux Power

CD Covers

"Made in Linux" CD project offers complete set of CD inlays, front and back covers, as well as CD labels. To obtain a copy please follow links to the release of your interest.

More music made with Linux

For more music made with Linux, see