Thanks to a dedicated membership base, including the logo artist Thorsten Wilms, as of April 2006 Linuxaudio.org in celebration of its 2 years of existence sports a newly redesigned logo which is freely downloadable and/or distributable among its members. Its use for other purposes is prohibited without prior written approval by the director and/or management board. For advertising and/or other potential uses including those not described above please contact us for an approval prior to its utilization.

The logo has been designed with flexibility and clarity in mind. Special attention was also given to contemporary design and effectiveness in conjunction with pragmatic concerns, such as printing costs for letterheads and/or other merchandise (i.e. t-shirts).

The Linuxaudio.org logo and its variations copyright Thorsten Wilms © 2006.


There are 2 versions of the logo: normal and compact. Based upon the background color, the logo set is furthermore divided into two subsets. Finally, each logo is offered in an SVG (vector) and PNG (compressed transparent image) format.

Internet Explorer Compatibility

In order to ensure Internet Explorer compatibility due to lack of proper PNG support prior to IE7, if using transparent and/or semi-transparent images, webmasters are encouraged to flatten them using a solid background which can be easily added via an image editor, including a libre cross-platform software Gimp.

Dark Logo on Bright Background

The following logos are best used on white and other relatively bright backgrounds. Logos in this category are closely cropped for bandwidth optimization. Therefore, they work the best when used in conjunction with the CSS property margin or when placed within a table cell with cellpadding in order to generate the necessary padding around the image.

Please note that the "on white" SVG version is not available as the same can be generated by adding appropriate background color to any of the other SVG files.



Bright Logo on Dark Background

This set is best used in conjunction with a black and other relatively dark backgrounds. Logos in this category sport a clearly delineated border and therefore do not require additional formatting. The black border makes them especially suitable when used on black backgrounds. Finally, this set also hosts a custom third subset with a elliptical border.



Elliptical Border Normal

Elliptical Border Compact