[LAU] KXStudio reminded me of why I don't like ZynAddSubFX

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Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 9:06 am

Booted live KXStudio 14.04 DVD. Cadence started JACK, pointed uselessly
at the onboard audio. I pointed it at my USB sound card with the same
settings I use normally. Started Zyn. It visibly made sound (Zyn's
indicator), but no sound came out. (I found nothing in Cadence to
connect Zyn to JACK. But then I don't know Cadence.) I ran KMixer and
audio volume was up for the USB card. So I said, Oh, well, guess it
doesn't work with Zyn. (Not the first time I've had problems with Zyn
and JACK, I much prefer Yoshimi.) So I close Zyn. After which Cadence
reports that JACK server is stopped. Restarting JACK or even force
restarting a JACK restart using Cadence gives me no audio devices to
pick from.

KXStudio isn't ready for this user yet, I guess.

David W. Jones
authenticity, honesty, community
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