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Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 1:56 am

On Tue, 2014-08-26 at 21:24 +0100, Will Godfrey wrote:

I don't think there is something like the best distro, it's a matter of

The advantage of Arch Linux are
- it follows stable versions from upstream
- it doesn't split software from upstream into strange packages (you
might see it as an disadvantage, when the packages aren't split so
that the headers are installed without a dev package)
- The official repositories for packages are provided in a BSD port like
way, called ABS
- packages not available by the official repositories are provided by
trusted users on the AUR page, so the amount of available packages is
similar to Debian
- the package management is idiot prove (catchwords: pacman, yaourt,
- MOST IMPORTANT: Arch Linux installs are comparable to the Debian
expert install, but the Arch install really doesn't install unneeded
software, you need to do everything on your own and end up without
unneeded services, you will be aware how to set up things, the Arch
Wikis are amazing good.
Arch Linux is one of the distros used by several LAU and LAD

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