Re: [LAU] JACK not working with Audiophile 2496 anymore

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Date: Monday, August 18, 2014 - 8:47 am

On 08/17/2014 02:56 PM, Roger wrote:

Thanks, that puts the cards in the right order ... will see if it
addresses my problem. Specifically selecting the Audiophile in QJackCtl
doesn't make it work, so I don't think it's because JACK is trying to
use audio device 0.

Anyway, it didn't fix the problem.

I tried this suggestion from Ralf:

> Four mails aren't allowed [1] , but perhaps you missed to uncheck

Enabling that option and restarting QJackCtl informs me:
ERROR: Driver is not running.
ERROR: Cannot open client name = dbusapi
ERROR: Failed to create dbusapi jack client

Selecting the HW:M2496 option from QJackCtl's dropdown and starting JACK
gave me this message:

DBUS: Jack server could not be started.

I never had to have DBUS enabled under QJackCtl's Misc tab to make the
2496 work before.

Also from Ralf:

>> self-connect-mode is "Don't restrict self connect requests"

Haven't a clue. Don't particularly recall noticing it before.

> Perhaps you should start jackd by command line instead of QjackCtl.

Tried that. The terminal window hangs a moment, then reports
"JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, stopping..." Trying to start
Yoshimi with that window open only adds "Driver is not running, cannot
create new client." Changing the -dhw:0 to -d:hw:M2496 gives me the same

Now let's try Ralf's other suggestion:

> At first I would clean the card configurations

Can't find any "/etc/asound.conf"; wrong file name?

There's no .asoundrc in my home directory.

There's no alsa-base.conf file in /etc/modprobe.d. There's only the
alsa.conf created per Roger's instructions earlier. Let's try renaming
that to alsa-base.conf ... well, that was interesting. Doing that leaves
me with only the built-in devices: HDMI (card 0) and HDA ATI SB (card
1). Let's go back to what it was called before, at least the Audiophile
appeared on the list of options.

Now let's try Ralf's version of alsa-base.conf. That brought back the
Audiophile as card 0, but the other audio devices are still listed. And
JACK still reports "read error, stopping..."

Finally, a private email from James:

> You need to change your alsa configuration to force ICE1712 driver to

Someone mentioned an alternative to QJackCtl, Cadence? Can't find that
in Debian Sid repository.

I see a qdbus and a qdbus-qt5 package in the repository. qdbus is
installed. Do I need to add the qdbus-qt5 package? The libqd5dbus5
package IS installed ... Trying to remove that lib offers to remove a
bunch of other QT5 libs, along with Luminance HDR graphics app.

Lets add the qdbus-qt5 package ... well, JACK still won't start from the
command line when I specify the Audiophile, which aplay -l lists as card 0.

When I had the onboard sound disabled before (via BIOS), ALSA would not
start at all. Let's try that again, just in case it simplifies things.
OK, now that aplay shows me the Audiophile as card 0 and HDMI as card 1.
Still doesn't work. Tried with default, Audiophile and ice_1712. They
all report the same problem.

For further test, booted an old Ubuntu Studio 12.10 CD I have here and
the Audiophile worked just fine. So I copied the
/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file from the running US12 environment to
my system partition, rebooted, and QJackCtl starts jack with no problems
and Yoshimi is currently making lovely sounds through the Audiophile.
The only audio devices that appear are the Audiophile (card 0) and HDMI
(card 1).

So we can call this one fixed. Thanks for the info and help!

David W. Jones
authenticity, honesty, community
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