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To: Len Ovens <len@...>
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Date: Friday, August 15, 2014 - 9:26 pm

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On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 10:16 PM, Len Ovens wrote:


the trace shows MIDI messages. there are no 10 or 14 bit MIDI messages.
only "controllers" with 14 bit state. 14 bit state is sent as two messages
(when necessary). the tracer shows each individual message.


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On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 10:16 PM, Len Ovens <<=
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Is it just me? Has anyone else looked at pitch bend events on the Ardour MI=
DI Tracer? Quick test:

=C2=A0- edit->Preferences->Control surfaces.
=C2=A0- select both enabled and feedback for generic MIDI.
=C2=A0- double click on it and select bcf2000 with mackie protocol
=C2=A0- open an external midi monitor (using qmidiroute here) and connect i=
t to
=C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 Ardours MIDI control out.
=C2=A0- also open Ardours MIDI tracer window and connect it to the same out=
=C2=A0(Now qmidiroute will be in decimal and MIDI Tracer is hex..)
=C2=A0- use the mouse to move the gain up and down on channel one with an a=
udio track.

I am seeing numbers that make sense on qmidiroute -8013 to 8177, but midi T=
racer only shows two hex digits ever, shouldn't there be four (maybe th=
ree to handle 10bits)? It looks like I am seeing only the LSB (I am not sur=
e about this as the lowest nyble should be 0). My about box says 3.5.308 so=
maybe this has been fixed since then. 3.5.380 seems to be were things are =
at now. I have looked through the change logs here:
for 3.5.380, (this doesn't seem to be included in the source p=
ackage for 3.5.380) and which i=
s included with the source package. And I don't see any mention of a fi=

BTW, I am having lots of fun with my "MIDI" controler project. Bu=
ilt around a $3 USB computer keyboard from dollar store. I use two columns =
for each strip for 10 strips. Strip one for example is 1->z and 2->x.=
1 is channel select (does nothing right now), 2 is record, q&w are pan=
control, a&z are the fader, s is solo and x is mute. up and down chang=
es banks

Ah, banks. I have bank at 5 and am using 8 channels to test. It starts on c=
hannel 1 to 5, bank right does 6 to 8 (good so far), then another bank righ=
t does channel 8. I don't know if this is right or wrong, but my expect=
ation is that once my controller has even one strip outside the range of ch=
annels that I would no longer be able to bank right. I would also expect th=
e GUI to make sure all the channels my controler can control to be visible.=
My thought is that in the same way a selected track gets a red border (in =
the mixer) perhaps a green border around the group of tracks in the current=
bank. The BCF2000, for example, does not give much indication visually of =
where the banks are at. Mine of course gives none, but I could make a GUI a=
cross the bottom of the screen the controler sits in front of that does tha=
t... it just seems redundant when the mixer is already on the screen just a=
bove. I do realize that the controler code at least for the MCP stuff is no=
t complete and will get done when it gets done. What I have already is a wo=
nderful step up.

The transport is on the numeric pad.

All of this could easily change as I add some encoders for pan/faders=C2=A0the trace shows MIDI messages. there are no 1=
0 or 14 bit MIDI messages.=20
only "controllers" with 14 bit state. 14 bit state is sent as two=
messages (when necessary). the tracer shows each individual message.<=
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