Re: [LAU] Komplete Audio 6 and Jack (solved with alsamixer switches)

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To: David <david@...>
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Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 5:46 am

On Wed, 13 Aug 2014, David wrote:

> Thanks everyone. I've typed out everything I went through in case someone

No problem. I learn too.

Generally a condensor mic needs power, either batteries, phantom or a
power supply of it's own. Ribbon mics are known to be sensitive if the
cable happens to be miswired.

> In the Audio tab of QJackCtl Connections window, under "system" I get 6 in

Right, two mics(1,2), two lines(3,4) and two from s/pdif(5,6). The outputs
are similar. Perfect.

> I had never heard of meterbridge. I did <$ jack_lsp> and it gave me

Ya meter bridge is kind of funny, the *.desktop file starts it with two
meters that are supposed to be connected to alsa_pcm:playback_1 and 2 so
on my system that means they are not connected to anything. But it is a
handy signal indicator for trouble shooting when not using it for

> Alsamixer proved interesting. I've never used it before. First I had to

It is something to remember as it deals only with the sound card where
many other mixers deal with psuedo/soft controls.

> select the KA6 using and then I'm presented with an

Yes M is mute. I have gotten sound out of things using alsamix when
nothing else works. It shows up interdependancies rather well too. (where
moving one control affects another - I have one where muting one channel
mutes three and unmuting only unmutes one)

> This seemed to create some sort of magic because now I'm getting a vu-meter

Probably routing would be a better word than monitoring.

> in alsamixer tells me that "this device does not have any capture

Quite common actually. You control the level with the physical controls on
the box... although it seems with this one the volumes that look like
output may affect the input. The manual was not that clear to me.

>> One wonders which volume control pannel that is, and where within that.

Ah, pavucontrol then, controls PA. Fine for desktop stuff like browsing

> After discovering alsamixer mute switches (thanks!), if I go to

I think it may be a soft level if alsamixer doesn't show it.

> It's a bit obscure and doesn't refer to the KA6 at all - but hey, if it works

No, just pulse itself.

> exactly what I needed. Audacity now records sound from the KA6 with a mic

It is just nice to see someone else enjoy linux audio and not go away

Len Ovens

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