Re: [LAU] Komplete Audio 6 and Jack (solved with alsamixer switches)

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Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 4:09 am

Thanks everyone. I've typed out everything I went through in case
someone else stumbles on this with a similar problem

On 13/08/14 06:05, Len Ovens wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Aug 2014, David wrote:

Please ask obvious questions.. it's something obvious I am probably
missing :(

> Does the KA6 have phantom power turned on (48v switch on the back)?

The Rode website says that this mic doesn't care either way about
phantom power, but in any case I've tried it both on and off. Apparently
some mics can be cooked with phantom power!

> Does the KA6 show levels from the mic(s)?

I get a "flashing light" level indicator on the KA6 when I test the mic.

> Are there level controls on the KA6 (yup)? Are they up?

both mic gain and master are set at 12 o'clock. (Edit: they don't seem
to alter the record levels - odd?)


That's exactly what I get (plus the built in sound card of course)


neither do I. I've tried quite a few combinations with no luck so far.

> In qjackctl in setup-Settings There is an interface box. The intuitive

In the Audio tab of QJackCtl Connections window, under "system" I get 6
in and 6 out, so I guess that's it.

> If not... you will want to see if using Input Device and Output Device

I had never heard of meterbridge. I did <$ jack_lsp> and it gave me
"system:capture_1" etc etc, but when I started meterbridge I got no
signal, even though the level light was flashing on the KA6 so there is
still a problem.

> .... and connect there so I know there is no hw monitor stuff giving

Alsamixer proved interesting. I've never used it before. First I had to
select the KA6 using and then I'm presented with
an arcane screen. I messed around by tabbing through "monitor control
front" "monitor control rear" and "monitor control 1" and typing at
each position. That changed the "MM" (mute?) in the box above each item
to "00". This seemed to create some sort of magic because now I'm
getting a vu-meter reading on <$ meterbridge system:capture_1>. I can't
understand why altering the monitoring should make the input work, but
apparently it does. Pressing in alsamixer tells me that "this
device does not have any capture controls". Very odd.

This seems to be the answer to the problem.

>> Ultimately I want to be able to simply record stereo microphones into

I'm talking about the system settings volume control widget that lives
on the taskbar.
After discovering alsamixer mute switches (thanks!), if I go to
volume control -> sound setting -> input device
the item labelled "Built-in Audio Analogue Stereo" is now responding -
ie: the level meter moves when I test the mic. I can change the mic
level there.

It's a bit obscure and doesn't refer to the KA6 at all - but hey, if it
works I'm happy. Does this have something to do with
pulseaudio-module-jack being installed??


You are right.


exactly what I needed. Audacity now records sound from the KA6 with a
mic plugged in. Next to try some actual recordings!

Where do I send the pizza?


David McQuire
0418 310312

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