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To: Linux Audio User <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014 - 12:28 am

I'm having some difficulty getting Ardour 3 and Muse to consistently
tempo lock to eachother. By consistently, I don't mean that they'll
lose sync once I've got it working. Rather, it seems to be a tricky
business getting it to happen at all.

It seems to somewhat depend on the order they're started in, but also
I've noticed that if I change Muse's sync settings, the tempo selection
can become grayed out -- appropriate when it's a slave, but it never
becomes active again when it is set as a master again.

Does anyone have any recommendations for this? I'd prefer Ardour as the
master, since it's the one handling actual sample data (with measure
lines in its timeline for real audio waves) and not just sequencer
playback, but at this point I'd almost take anything that would
consistently work. It seems that even if I setup Ardour as Jack
timebase master and edit its tempo ruler to 140bpm, it will show measure
lines on its timeline that are appropriate for 140bpm, but Jack programs
like Muse and Hydrogen will still playback at their default 120bpm, as
though they're receiving the transport control messages but not the
tempo sync. If I have one of them be the master, they disagree about
what 140bpm is, which means they're still not really synced. It's very

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