Re: [LAU] General Audio question - soft recording and bad SNR?

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To: Oon-Ee Ng <>
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Date: Friday, July 18, 2014 - 5:23 am

On Fri, 18 Jul 2014, Oon-Ee Ng wrote:

> Hi, I'm running Arch Linux 64-bit with jack2. I have a USB UA-25EX to

SM75? or SM57? Everything I look up on sm75 turns out to be an sm57... So
a dynamic mic. (Phantom off)

> The maximum volume I get from my Shure SM75 seems very low. The result

I get that you did not buy this mic, but that it is whatever is around.
There are a number of mics that look like the sm57. The only shure mic
with a 75 is the pe75 (looks sm58 - ish) If you have a shure PE75H, it is
a high impedance mic (30k plus) and probably comes with an xlr to 1/4 inch
cable. If so, try pluging into input 2 and setting high impedance (HI-Z).
Note: on this mic pin 2 is not connected, so using an xlr to xlr cable
will not work right. (there is a PE75L that is properly connected inside
the mic)

Please note that whatever mic you have, (PE75 or SM57) it is designed for
close mic work, not for area mic use.

You say the mic causes peaking at higher levels, yet I would suggest it
needs to be almost to the top. The odd peak from touchong the mic or
plosives is probably not a problem. (use the limiter provided - peak LED
green) Use your ears above looking at flashing LEDs or even waveforms.

As you may have guessed... I am mostly guessing :) we need to know what
you are recording... how far from the mic, what are the settings on the
UA-25EX... all of these things. As you can tell it even matters what kind
of cable and which input you are using.

Len Ovens

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