[LAU] Axiom 25: using pads with Hydrogen only (+ qsynth on keyboard)

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Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014 - 5:13 pm


What would be the best way to have the pads of an Axiom 25 trigger
Hydrogen only while the keyboard itself would trigger qsynth ? Qsynth
has sounds on all 16 MIDI channels and it seems that it's not possible
to disable reception for a specific channel channel. Nor turning the
sound down for a channel. Is this at all possible ?

I can see an app that would be in-between qsynth and the Axiom 25
MIDI input that would filter out MIDI input for a given channel, does
that exist ?

Also, in qjackctl there are two MIDI outputs for the Axiom 25. 0:USB
and 1:USB or MIDI 1 and MIDI 2. Conencting 0:USB to Hydrogen and USB:1
to qsynth could maybe be the way, but then the Axiom 25 would have to
be told to send pads to 0:USB and keys to 1:USB, which I'm not sure it
can do. The Axiom documentation has a lot of zones and groups and
such, but there's no section on how to actually achieve some results,
with examples, apart from very simple connection examples.

Any comments/suggestions appreciated !

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