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Date: Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 11:46 pm

Some of you may remember a while ago (year and a half or so) I was asking
about mixers for live use. I finally have some money to spend, so I went
back over the thread.

I also looked at some of the lower end digital boards like the A&H QU and
the Soundcraft Si series. I found it interesting that the mackie has
firewire but the other two have chosen USB2.0 even for a channel count as
high as 32 i/o. The manual says "standard compliant" and will work with
the Apple no extra drivers (nothing works with windows without drivers).
Has anyone tried one of these with alsa? Considering the cost of a high
count audio interface, the cost of this as an audio IF plus controler
starts to look not too bad.

It is obvious that the main cost is hardware, pots, switches and
connectors. The digital boards don't try to put in as much hardware, yet
seem to be able to give more features for the same price range. It is easy
to include a whole effects rack on almost a per channel basis only by
changing cpu/dsp power.

I guess in many ways that is what we are doing with a daw... time for the
open console design? Actually we have much of it already, it is just the
hardware parts we don't seem to have. I/O ports and control surfaces is
all thats missing.

Len Ovens

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