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Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 12:23 pm

On 27/04/14 03:23, Jonathan E Brickman wrote:

thd .... otherwise known as trigger-happy-daemon ... does keymapping without X,
debian package is:

Description-en: global hotkey daemon for Linux
Triggerhappy watches connected input devices for certain key presses
or other input events and runs administrator-configured
commands when they occur. Unlike other hotkey daemons, it runs as a
persistent, systemwide service and therefore can be used even
outside the context of a user or X11 session.
It can handle a wide variety of devices (keyboards, joysticks,
wiimote, etc.), as long as they are presented by the kernel as
generic input devices. No kernel patch is required. The daemon is
a userspace program that polls the /dev/input/event? interfaces
for incoming key, button and switch events. A single daemon can
monitor multiple input devices and can dynamically add additional
ones. Hotkey handlers can be assigned to dedicated (tagged) devices
or globally.
For example, this package might be useful on a headless system to
use input events generated by a remote control to control an
mpd server, but can also be used to allow the adjustment of audio
and network status on a notebook without relying on user specific
Key combinations are supported as well as the hotplugging of devices
using a udev hotplug script; the running daemon can also be influenced
by a client program, e.g. to temporarily pause the processing of
events or switch to a different set of hotkey bindings.


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