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Date: Sunday, May 25, 2014 - 5:21 pm

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On 05/25/2014 01:47 PM, Gabriel Nordeborn wrote:


Hello Gabriel,

I recently borrowed a couple of A5X's and what struck me in the manual
was that it only mentioned that you need a proper stereo placement and
that the tweeters should roughly be at the height of your ears and that
was about it. The chapter about placing the Yamaha HS50's I own myself
is quite a bit longer, it mentions the minumim distance to the wall,
that they shouldn't be placed in corners etc. I get the idea that the
Adam's are not that picky and that they are ideal for mobile use. The
guy I borrowed them from uses them in a mobile setup too in a great
variety of environments that he barely knows beforehand (studios,
cottages, rehearsal rooms, cellars, etc.) and he has had no big issues
yet getting a decent mix out of them.
What I wanted to say is that it might not be really needed to put a lot
of time and effort in acoustic treatment. Unless if you clap your hands
in the room you already know enough ;)


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