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Date: Sunday, April 20, 2014 - 10:40 am

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Very nice! Impressive!


On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 2:35 PM, Philippe Coatmeur wrote:

> Hi there

Louigi Verona

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Very nice! Impressive!L.V.On Sun, Apr 20, =
2014 at 2:35 PM, Philippe Coatmeur <> wrote:



Hi there

was made mid 2011 right before Automation was available, around
0.4.something, I guess
18 tracks : 10 MIDI tracks and 8 audio ones (using flac
containers) ;

  • One 3 channels bus to sidechain-compress the 303-style bass (n=
    with the kick (a free 808 Sound font played by fluidsynth) using
  • the other cheap DR55 Beat elements are made with Rudolf
  • A Hexter
    synth is doubling the bass in the subs
  • The organ is a Calf
  • The Lead synth is a Calf
  • The guitar is a g10 double coil Ibanez in a focusrite preamp
  • The microphone is a chinese Neumann knockoff in a focusrite
  • The girl asking "what" ? in the background is called
  • Everybody is EQ'd with LADSPA C* 10 bands Equalizer from CAPS=
  • Everybody is comp'd with Calf compressor DSSI
  • There is a LADSPA "Fast lookahead limiter" on the maste=
    r out
  • The final bounce, a "normalize" and a quick and dirty f=
    ade out
    are made in Audacity

(summer 2011 too) uses pretty much the same
with more
plugged in, a little automation (it was just out,
and already worked really good) and sidechain-ducked bass ; I play
on all the tracks.

BTW the CMS=
linked is a
personal developpement, that automatically builds album pages by
reading the tags (and optional - cover & stuff - images). It's
yours if you want it.

I used GNU / Linux to make music since around the time Jack was
introduced. I spent coutless nights teaching myself how to use just
about every single system available, and I always came back to
Qtractor. Everything makes sense in Qtractor. And when it seems that
it doesn't, a quick message on Rui Nuno's blog and you're o=
ut of the

The development is steady, focusing only on the core of the matter,
and the result is a solid system, usable right now.

Qtractor does not even try to be everything, it wants to be
useful in the middle of the huge Linux audio production ecosystem,
talking nice to everybody, implementing new techs & protocols
silently, never breaking what's worked so far, bringing it all
together. For me, it's the standard against witch I can compare
everything else.

Philippe (xaccrocheur)

Philippe Coatmeur

* http://opensim=

* https://gith=

* http://opensimo.or=

Linux-audio-user mailing list
-- Louigi Verona


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