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Date: Saturday, April 19, 2014 - 2:13 pm

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On 04/19/2014 05:58 AM, Jonathan E Brickman wrote:

it's actually a mashup of most of my START-INITIAL script which runs at b=
oot, and the first patch script which it calls. When I keep the schedtoo=
l prefixes, MIDI keyhits all make it in and synths all get their signal o=
ut through the sound card output. When I don't, about one in 20-30 keyhi=
ts (and also occasionally key-ups) get lost, and there are cutouts both a=
t high load and very low loads. Some may notice I have let the latency r=
ise to 4; this too seems to be indicated for the loads I'm using, though =
if I were using just one light load (say, a simple Yoshimi patch), it cou=
ld be ratcheted down a lot. Oddly, it does appear that a different patch=
which calls just Fluidsynth, functions as a heavier load than three Yosh=
imis; it is true that Fluidsynth is itself using a rather big four-voiced=
soundfont. I have another which right now is two Yoshimis plus the same=
Fluidsynth an octave lower (octave handled by mid
idings), that one is higher yet, but the setup and weights below are hand=
ling it well.
ncrease the weight of anything which misbehaves, until it makes it worse,=
then reverse :-) I did find earlier tonight that I had neglected my lim=
its.conf, so this is what I have set now, which allows those numbers belo=
w to actually work:
ng anything.

Hello Jonathan,

It's not needed in a Linux audio context:


Why 50? Personally I'd set it to the highest possible value.

> jack_control eps clock-source 1

mixer rakarrack mididings lashd
mixer rakarrack mididings lashd

My 2 cents while not being a Bash expert (so shoot me if I do things
horribly wrong here):
apps=3D( yoshimi fluidsynth zita-j2a aj-snapshot calfjackhost non-mixer
rakarrack mididings lashd )

for a in "${apps[@]}"
while pidof $a
killall -9 -w $a
Like this you're sure the processes get killed and you don't need to add
double killall commands.

> # Remove all connections

while pidof jackdbus
killall -9 -w jackdbus

Why not use Jack2's built-in alsarawmidi driver?

> # Start zita-j2a for audio out

g &
g &
g &

Why are you running all Yoshimi processes and the main JACK thread with
the same rtprio? Don't they get in each other way then? Or does that
only apply to SCHED_FIFO?

> # And lastly, create jackd connections using aj-snapshot

Same question actually wrt to aj-snapshot running as a daemon and mididin=

And are you using rtirq-init? What other optimizations did you make on
your system? Just ftr (or call it plain braggin'), I can run a Qtractor
project with 14 ZynAddSubFX LV2 plugins and a handful of other plugins
(compression, reverb, eq) with similar JACK settings (-n3 -p64 -r48000).
But then I'm not sure if you're using multiple parts per Yoshimi
instance, it could well be you're using 48 parts that contain
instruments with lots of voices :)




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