[LAU] Mackie Control "Universal" vs. "Pro"

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Date: Monday, April 14, 2014 - 5:53 pm


I have an opportunity to buy a used Mackie Control Universal. Info
at these links.


But, I'm wondering if the non-Pro version, Mackie Control
Universal will work as well with Ardour as the Pro version. Does
anyone know? Ardour's manual says that the Pro version works well.

My main reason for wanting the unit is my presumption that it
has the ability for me to "touch" edit automation. This is
something which my BCF2000 can't do. I've been scouring the web
for documentation to tell me if it has this ability. But, so far
I haven't found anything, not even in the MCU manual. Anyone
know that as well?

Thanks folks....


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