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Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 5:30 pm

On Sat, 2014-03-08 at 12:07 -0500, LM wrote:

Users can get the source code and compile for what ever architecture
they like, enabling, disabling what ever they like. Assumed you're
asking for binaries, than use a distro with 32-bit ports, with software
compiled for very old CPUs. Debian 32-bit does provide support for very
old CPUs.


Nearly all x86-based (IA-32) processors still in use in personal
computers are supported, including all varieties of Intel's "Pentium"
series. This also includes 32-bit AMD and VIA (former Cyrix) processors,
and processors like the Athlon XP and Intel P4 Xeon.

However, Debian GNU/Linux wheezy will not run on 386 or earlier
processors. Despite the architecture name "i386", support for actual
80386 processors (and their clones) was dropped with the Sarge (r3.1)
release of Debian[2]. (No version of Linux has ever supported the 286 or
earlier chips in the series.) All i486 and later processors are still
supported[3]." -

As WM I currently prefer JWM on a modern machine, I'm using it with
Debian 32-bit and Arch 64-bit and it should be lightweighted enough for
old machines.

Once a lightweighted WM is installed and assumed the distro's
repositories provide software compiled for old CPUs, users should simply
test what software is usable and what software is unusable on their

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