Re: [LAU] Dithering...should we dither about it?

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To: Grekim Jennings <grekimj@...>
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Date: Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 5:09 pm

> actually, you *must* dither at every truncation step - if you don't, you

This is a correct recommendation.

> some mastering people (bob katz among them) even go as far as demanding

Strictly speaking, this does not save you (and by you, I mean Bob
Katz). Further operations after dithering can 'break' the dither and
reintroduce distortion. Then you have the worst of both worlds; the
distortion _and_ the added noise.

Working at 24 bit / 32 float, this is academic and won't hurt you in
any audible way. It's too far below the audible floor to care about.

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