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From: Atte <atte@...>
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Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 9:16 pm

On 02/04/2014 02:39 PM, James Mckernon wrote:

I have a quite large sample (flac) collection :-)

atte@skagen:~/music/samples$ du -h | tail -n1
39G .

Some are ancient and sampled on my roland s50 back in the day directly
from vinyl that I personally hunted down in second hand record stores,
most are collected from all over the internet. Others (mostly melodic
non-drum instruments) are samples from the synths I have or have owned
(wavestation, jv80, xp80, micron, m50) or generated with ams,
zynaddsubfx or even the nativ synth in energyXT.

The only synth I really use is Loomer Aspect, although I don't use it
that much.

The main reason why I prefer samples over synths are the "build-in"
complexity with samples. To me music mostly build with synthesizers
tends to lack depth. Don't get me wrong, I like Jarre and Kitaro, but
I'm going for a more organic sound, my electronic heros are Squarepusher
and chr15 + various underground stuff I stumble over from time to time.

I really like to load a sample that might suggest a chord that I don't
even know how is tuned and start messing with it by ear. I love to be
surprised and get pushed to harmonies I wouldn't think of myself.

>> I like to spread out the work of a track over a long time. Work a little on

Yes, it's done in lua. Some things are hardcoded, it works in companion
with a bash script. If this doesn't scare you. I can send you the stuff

> I like the idea of listening to and evaluating things in another context.

It's sooo important, at least for me.

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