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To: Clifford Dunn <beatleboy07@...>
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Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 2:05 am

On Tue, 11 Feb 2014, Clifford Dunn wrote:

> So my previous email about the Focusrite can be discarded...I linked

Wired network. I don't know your particular issue, but in my case if I set
the latency high enough jack was ok. My pops were once a minute with wifi
on. Once every 5 sec with it turned off and gone with the kernel module
disabled with modeprobe -r. I also found that removing the kernel mod for
the internal audio (or disabling it in bios) was helpful. You might try a
USB wireless plug, a different wireless TX may cause less problems. It
would have to be plugged into a USB port on a different irq than the

newer computers are faster, but seem to require higher latency. My old
(more than 10 year old) P4 can do less than 1ms (as jack calculates
things... the audio IF adds 1 ms to that) latency with no xruns, but
because it is slower, I can run less effects. So far it has not been an
issue, but I am not a keyboard player either :) For recording I use about
5ms latency and record with no effects. I mix down closer to 50ms latency
and add any effects then.

Len Ovens

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