Re: [LAU] Small Rotter / remote icecast box thoughts.

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To: drew Roberts <zotz@...>
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Date: Friday, January 31, 2014 - 10:32 pm

On Fri, 31 Jan 2014, drew Roberts wrote:

> Already sent to the Rivendell users list several days ago but so far nobody

So does this ask about both the box and hardware?
Hardware: Hardware depends on the audio IF. If The IF is pci(e) then you
need sort of a standard mother board. The lowest power ones I know are the
Intel Atom boards about 6 inches square, and seem to have good latency
performance at low power. There is one in particular that only needs 12v
in and figures the rest. but there are also atx power supplies that are
about as big as the atx power socket that only need 12v as well. If you
are willing to use USB audio IF (I don't know of any USB radio cards, and
the chances of getting more than one reciever on one card lies with pci(e)
Only problem is these will cost more than the rest of the system. Everyone
figures radio stations are a license to print money, and they want some.

Software: Question: are you wanting to monitor live audio from the
receivers or listen to the archives? Achive listening would be easiest
with an http server, just list the files and download what you want to
your favourite player. Live would be streaming and jack would do that best
as it could take the same audio going to rotter and stream it. WHat I
don't know is how well the streamers work with jack. I have only used IDJC
for that, but that is not really set up for remote operation so much as
live shows, so it would be overkill. Also it would want X and libs.

Len Ovens

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