Re: [LAU] Using a pe-count with Renoise/Ardour

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Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 12:43 pm

On Sun, 19 Jan 2014 18:29:02 +0100,
Atte wrote :

> On 01/18/2014 07:26 PM, wrote:

Well, I'm new to Renoise, althought it seems that if a lead-in pattern
is added, it will then repeat that lead-in pattern + the other 'jam'
pattern (the one for jamming along with recorded tracks in Ardour,
always. It should instead be only the 'jam' pattern that'd loop over.

Or, is it possible to only repeat a certain number of patterns (to the
exclusion of others defined patterns) in Renoise ? Maybe even for a
certain number of times ? That would be nice elsewhere: for instance,
there are 10 patterns. But the tune calls for repeating patterns 5, 6
and 7 32 times befor emoving on. Is the only way in Renoise to copy
over and over again, 32 times, those three patterns in the sequence,
or is it possible to tell it to repeat those 32 times and then move
on ?

So, two questions (ツ)
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