[LAU] Using a pe-count with Renoise/Ardour

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Date: Saturday, January 18, 2014 - 6:26 pm


I have some tracks in Ardour, acoustic instruments, to which I
counted 8 metronome ticks before starting recording. So there are 8
clicks of 'silence' before the instruments starts. This is a sketch,
so I'd like to play around with Renoise while the instruments are
playing, especially pattern-based. The problem is that Renoise starts
immediately, same time as Ardour, so that music starts happening when
Renois is already at 32 (out of 64, default size).

I tried adding a metronome pre-count in Renoise, then use Renoise to
start Ardour, but the pre-count does not take effect. Is there a way
to be able to play around looping a pattern in Renoise while Ardour
plays tracks, assuming that the tracks were recorded with Ardour's
metronome, and that a 64 pattern in Renoise fits nicely in what is
unfolding as recorded.

In other words, is it possible to jam in Renoise while audio tracks
are playinbg - surely it is ! But is it possible to do it using a
metronome count-in before looping a pattern ?

Of course, any suggestion of achieving this in a better way is
welcomed ! (ツ)


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