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Date: Friday, September 6, 2013 - 3:46 pm

in my case it was clipping.

I had the exact same issue with Zynaddsubfx and amsynth. It only occured
on some presets and when i hold the tone for a while.

Turning down the volume (master volume in Zynaddsubfx) a bit in the
synth fixed it for me. It seemed to me, that the presets are sometimes
set quite loud.

You may also check your jack connections. Once i had an issue, where i
had two paths from the Synth output to my Audio interface, which
resulted in a signal that was much louder than intended due to the
summation of the signal.

It was quite some time ago, so i don't remember if it was just one of
these causes or a combination of both.


On 09/06/2013 11:29 AM, Steve Downes wrote:

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