[LAU] MusE: Transforming midi foot controller programs to toggled CC values

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Date: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 2:17 am

This may be of interest to anyone who has a midi foot controller which
only sends out program change messages, who also has an effects unit or SW
which can map CC to effect parameters/bypass/etc, and who has a desire to use
the foot switches like a regular 'stomp box chain' for *TOGGLED* control of
individual effects.

MusE's "Midi Input Transformator" plugin now allows you to do it.

I pushed a wee mod and some fixes to our SF git repository.
It should appear next release. The repo may change soon.

Here's an example setup which maps Program Changes 0 - 3 to
CC num = (Program + 10) and CC val = (TOGGLE 0 / 127):


The neat thing is, you can KEEP program changes that are above a certain
number (Program 4 and above in the example), so that the very same foot
controller can be used to change patches AND control individual effects.
Common foot controllers have four Program switches and two Bank up/down
switches, so by going to the next Bank (Programs 4 - 7 in the example),
it can be used to switch Programs, then go back to Bank 0 (Programs 0 -3)
and the switches act upon the individual effects again.

Note that MusE currently allows mapping midi controllers to any LADSPA
Rack Plugin parameters *except* the 'Bypass' switch.
So if MusE *itself* is to be the effects unit, properly a 'Bypass' controller
should be added.


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