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Date: Friday, August 30, 2013 - 4:34 pm

On Fri, August 30, 2013 9:05 am, Jose van Rooy wrote:

After reading all this junk.... you want me to read the rest?

(everything below here deleted and not read)

There are no "native" to linux sound cards, none. With linux it is not
worth your while to sign-in to any website. All the drivers (almost) for
linux (alsa) are created by volunteers on their own time... if they feel
like it. So you do your research (instead of getting cranky when someone
else doesn't do it for you) and find out which cards work and how well
(most audio cards work well enough to get sound in and out, but do not
always access all the built in effects etc.). If all you want is stereo
audio in and out with USB, pick a USB1.1 audio card and be happy. Set them
to 48000/16 and run. The ART "USB Dual Pre Project Series" for example. If
you buy from any good music store, they will let you bring your computer
in and try them to make sure it works before you buy (I do this). Or they
will let you take it back. You are responsible for your own purchases,
take the time to do prior research and then take the time to make sure the
unit you are thinking of buying works for your use. Nobody can do this for

> and on and on.....
That one stuck out... it sure fit the original post...

There is no warranty anything I say will be of any use what so ever to
you. If it causes you to break something you still own both halves.

Len Ovens

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