Re: [LAU] [new music] cypherpunks coaster / crypto p and "waiting for the sun"

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To: Rafal Zawadzki <bluszcz@...>
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Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 4:27 pm

Hello Rafal!
thanks for sharing your two pieces. I did like cypherpunk. Aggressive enough
and the jungle beat brigns movement and restlessness into the equation.
I didn't like waiting for the sun not. Or is this two nots at the end there?
the vocals give it a very whiny feeling, which always reminds me of certain
britpop icons, whose playing leave me rather cold and I believe there are
others, on which I'm not keen at all and they certainly won't quench my
thirst, if I were in a desert. that covers the most wellknown offenders.
Still the bass of your second production was interesting. I couldn't really
perceive it a lot audibly. Yes it was there, but neither striking nor
catching. My intestants told me otherwise. A very interesting effect. to go
further into it might really be unfair, since I just don't take to its
Cypherpunk though had a good bass, almost reminiscent of those dubstep
basses. Not as aggressive as they are, but the shadow of it. The slight
distortion and the pumping action from underneath. And those bell-like,
FM-style synth sounds in the beginning added another item of curiousity.
Somehow they attract me.
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Warm regards

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