[LAU] Debut prog-rock album, all produced with Open Source!

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Date: Monday, July 8, 2013 - 7:51 pm

Hi folks,

Having seen all the wonderful Linux-produced efforts being announced here
I couldn't resist posting this one.

Last Monday my band, Fusion Orchestra 2, released their new album "Casting
Shadows". All the official press releases are concentrating on the normal
sorts of stuff and I'm not supposed to get into software politics in them,
but I'm quietly jumping up and down about the fact that the whole thing,
from start to finish, was produced in Linux using Open Source tools. Music,
artwork, the lot.

The bulk of the work was courtesy of Ardour (2.8.x) with mastering handled
by JAMin. At some point I'll probably write a blog about the process of
producing the album but for now, I'm just going to share a sampler of


Oh, and on the off-chance anyone is interested enough to buy a copy, make
sure you add something to the delivery notes saying you read about it here
and for each copy sold that way we'll donate $1 to Ardour. I doubt it'll
make much of a splash but if everyone using Ardour does something similar I'm
sure it'll help.

And now that's all done I can finally make the switch to Ardour 3 for the
next project ;)


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