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Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 7:11 pm

Hello Alexander!
Before I start spreading my opinions through this aether, there's only one
point: the two songs I have, appear to be the same. Is that meant to be?
Perhaps different mixes? I haven't compared them that minutely yet.
It's not, what I would listen to all day or regularly buy at the shop, but
that only makes it more interesting to the habitual ear. :-) the first part
reminded me of a crime play from Sweden. OK, it's German translation. but the
slightly menacing, dark atmosphere. Slow, oppressive and somewhat mysterious.
Aided by the radio sample/effect. The dragging rhythm really helps this
impression. I would have liked your drumkit even more, if you had dampened the
snare, until it was dead as a door nail. :-) That's my bad 70s influence, not
to be confused with my good 70s influence. :-)
the second song has a much lighter tone. Still dusky or better night-timely.
Especially playing it with the rimshot at the beginning, opens it up. You have
the feeling, that you can breathe more easily. My association for this piece
would be more towards Raymond Chandler than Marie Jungsted. - Ah, stupid me, I
just had the revelation, that I have both pieces only in one file. :-) And I
thought it was a two part piece. :-) It' wasn't a glitch in either aether or
radio, but in my brain. :-)
And mix and processing of both tunes is nicely done. Unobtrusive, but not
colourless. The mix itself sounds warm and open, it is alive, able to breathe
and convey, that there was a human being playing living instruments. Were they
all real, acoustic instruments? To my ear they sound like it. If so, did you
play them all yourself? Again if so: double chapot! For two very impressive -
or expressive - pieces and good playing skills. Certainly those two pieces
swept me away in their atmosphere much more than the trace of events. I also
like the mix better, when comparing those two or three. They do set a much
darker scene than Surfing the Waves of Creation and they moe farther away from
everyday jazz harmonies. At least I think so. Not, that I'm a jazz expert...
These two have personality.
Thanks a lot for sharing and keep us posted with any other odd projects,
that you just happen to find and finish. :-)
Warm regards

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