[LAU] two new tracks

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Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 4:02 pm

They are actually not that new, It's some 95% finished stuff I found
when I cleaned my ardour sessions folder and figured I might just finish
and release it..

The first track is simply based around a drum improv track I did when I
got my new drums last summer..
Second one is a slow, ambient, Gybe inspired piece that I don't even
remember when I started, ancient stuff...


I think I'll post later stuff under this new name instead of
sharpattack, I want a name that at least used to give zero hits on
google.. (It's alot easier to stalk yourself then, ie feed your ego)

I made the cover with mypaint, a really satisfying experience. Because
usually I really suck at painting, I mean REEALLY suck.. but I'm very
happy how the cover turned out. Didn't take all that long either, maby
abit over an hour or so...
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