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To: Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf@...>
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Date: Monday, July 29, 2013 - 10:44 am

Hello Ralf!
You say, that hdpsmixer is showing all channels and you can access them,
right? If so, this looks more like a problem of your card's configuration then
or of your JACK server, than a problem concerning the mixer application as
If people say, that you can use alsamixer to setup your card, then you
probably can. You know how to start it. You can press f5 to see all items and
then slowly walk through the list. Left/right move between items and up/down
change values. Tehre's is help available directly from within the mixer. It's
not the best utility for such a complex card, since it will not map the
structure to the screen. I suppose, that hdspmixer shows you more of the real
structure of your card. In alsamixer routing is a one-dimensional thing. You
need to know, which item does what. Sometimes names can be terribly
unexplicative or at least unhelpful. Still, give it a try and see, how far you
get. You probably have a manual for your card, which might help you with some

But I really think, that you might have a closer look at your JACK setup. Does
JACK show all channels? Do you have ports uto capture_16 or whatever it should
be? Do you also have the correct number of playback ports as such? I'm not
talking about signals, I'm just asking for the existance.

Well, I'm probably the wrong person to ask, since I won't be able to discuss
this much further with you. I only know the systematic basics and I don't have
a lot of experience with internal routing of cards. I'm glad my two cards work
now. :-)

Warm regards


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