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To: Fero Kiraly <fero.kiraly@...>
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Date: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 6:27 pm

On 07/02/2013 07:49 PM, Harry van Haaren wrote:

* linux 3.2.35-2 PREEMPT RT
(debian's RT kernel recompiled with VSL1818 clock selector fix added)
* jackd 1.9.10 (git)
* Rui's rtirq script
* jackd with -p64 -n2 (actually jackdbus)
* presonus 1818VSL

-> very reliable no x-runs

> Known things that need to be done:

+1, +1, +1

> Some other things to look into are:

no problem here w/freq scaling. I have disabled C1E halt states and EIST
in the Bios, though.

> -WiFi (must be disabled here: "iwconfig wlan0 txpower off", not just

Nor does wifi + networkmanager cause issues here.

but in either case the 1818VSL here is on a dedicated hardware IRQ - not
shared with any other devices.

> -Graphics chip drivers (I'm using a standard xf86-video driver for my ATI

Intel graphics here.

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