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To: Fero Kiraly <fero.kiraly@...>
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Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 4:17 pm

Hello Fero!
My solution would be to buy as many MIDI -> USB cables and be done with it.
If your onboard soundcard has one pair of MIDI jacks, then you'd need five
more. I paid about 10 EUR for one cable. Works out of the box and I have them
all as separate devices. Very comfortable. If you're in luck a few of your
instruments might have a direct MIDI connector, those usually work. My Korg
and the MiniBrute work that way and there was no hassle at all.
You can of course try a midisport. I don't know how many ports you can get
with one. I know the 2x2 and the 4x4. Not sure about the prices, but I assume
not too much.
Warm regards

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