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Date: Monday, July 15, 2013 - 10:30 am

> I need to get a vocal microphone. I've had this project several times
>before, but now I'm decided. There are a couple of alternatives. there
is the
>Shure SM5x and there is the SE-220, if my memory doesn't betray me.
Any more
>suggestions on the topic? I want to pay around 100-200 EUR maximum. This
>microphone will be meant solely for singing. No instruments to mic.
> Warm regards and sorry for the OT again
> Julien

Hi Julien,
I think it's the Audix OM-6 that I have here. It is nicely built and has
a lot of clarity,
maybe too much presence in some cases.
Also, check out the Heil PR-20 which I think is a little more neutral
sounding and less expensive.
And the AKG C700 is a very good value. As with most mics, with a good
voice it can sound great.

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