Re: [LAU] Desktop recorders - was "Another Reality" LP

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Date: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 9:07 pm

On Fri, June 7, 2013 1:14 pm, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:

Now if libav would just stop shipping with links from ffmpeg, debian could
ship both...

> This is the script I use (adapted from someone else (TM) I found online):

A script that runs xrandr could probably do that automatically. xrandr has
the screen sizes (the size of each monitor with position as well as the
size of combined screen size in the case of two monitors). I think there
are tools that will give a window size and position as well and most of
the screen capture tools allow "rubberbanding" a rectangle, so that should
not be hard either... I am pretty sure I could figure that out in
tk/tcl... my python is not that advanced yet.

> - you need to connect your jack output(s) to the ffmpeg jack input from the jack-tools package might make that less painful.
Possibly some of the session managers too.

> - fairly big output file

Most of us have fairly big hard drives these days ;) maybe I just don't
do enough recording to make mine seem small.

There are enough scripting GUIs around (like tk/tcl and everything newer)
it would not be hard to create a GUI to wrap around all that and the
recoding below. The biggest stumbling block is a real ffmpeg. Did you have
to remove libav?

> For the last 'drawback' you can convert to a compressed video format

Len Ovens

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