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Date: Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 3:44 pm

On 22/06/13 07:28, david wrote:

It is a superb track. If pushed, it's probably my favourite and I don't
think that's just because it was the first I heard and it totally blew
my mind (still does, seven or more years later).

It's the first track off their first album. Fortunately, their first two
albums have been back in print for the past few years. There was a time
when CDs would be on eBay for £500 or more, let alone vinyl copies.

The style of the second album is a little different and not just because
it's totally instrumental (Jordrök is the only instrumental track on
Hybris). I think their latest album probably has more in common with
Epilog than Hybris, but all three are great in my opinion.

I was all geared up to see them last summer -- their first visit to the
UK. Sadly they cancelled, the band having imploded yet again during the
making of the third album.

I guess I'd still like to see them live, but there's not quite the same
compulsion now that half the original members have left (arguably three
key members, the distinctive drummer/producer, main guitarist, keyboard
player), even if one original member (who left between albums two and
three) has rejoined.

That said, I think I am maybe just a little envious of people going to
see them. And that looks to be one up-side to the new line-up, they seem
much more intent on gigging. Sadly, I'm not going anywhere (nor making
any music, just to keep things on topic) for a while due to a
motorcycling injury.

If you're into studio porn, there's a great series of videos of the
making of the third album, Viljans Öga, on YouTube.


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