[LAU] More new music: some synthpop and some progressive rock

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Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 10:55 am

Hello again!
This time it's only delayed new music. One I finished last winter. I waited
for the lyrics, but they wouldn't really come. So you get What If in the
instrumental version. Very Ace Of Base influenced. And: this is the first
real MIDI sequenced piece. Thanks alexandre for your wonderful Midish and
thanks once more to Joel for his superb Nama. It's still a little complicated
to fit them together, but that is sure to change!
the other, even longer delayed piece, is the title piece of the album "Music
For A New World". My first attempt of magnum opus with Nama. Nowadays I'd mix
it better and I might have concluded the lyrics and recorded the vocals. But
I'm so out of it now. I hope you can still enjoy it. It's the link between all
the other pieces, taking up small themes from them or lending its own themes
to them. Yeah, I'm Flower Kings manic and they are good teachers. So don't
blame them for me being a bad pupil. :-)
And as ever you can find them all on the website:
Once I get the last piece for "Music For A New World" mixed, I'll also add
an extra page for the album, so the concept is more readily visible. :-)
Your feedback, constructive criticism is as ever very welcome.
Kindly yours

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