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Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 7:41 am

On 06/19/2013 06:26 AM, Perry Kivolowitz wrote:

Hi Perry,

I want to use them for doing real-time, low-latency audio. So use them
as a virtual guitar amp with guitarix for example. Or as a synth or
sampler. I got it all working on my Raspberry Pi and now I'd like to get
it working on a RK3066 based device too. The company I work for has a
RK3188 based device on order (MK809III) and I have to hack it. The
necessary kernel source code has been available for about two weeks I
think and only last week some people succeeded in getting Linux on it.
As I think I could personally benefit from these developments, not only
as a musician but also on a professional basis, I'm willing to invest
some time into hacking these devices. So if you need an extra colleague,
count me in!



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