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To: William Light <wrl@...>
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Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 9:31 pm

It's been some time again, which is a pitty. but I'm awaiting your full
album. If this is anything to go by, then I might enjoy a full length EP as
well. Probably not on the daily list, but certainly in the list, amongst all
that progressive rock. :-)
Honestly: nice song, simplistic in its arrangement,in a way very straight
forward, but I like those indecided harmonies. Not exactly minor, not exactly
major. In combination with the current time, I'm waiting for Ulrich Land to
announce the thursday night crime and thrillers on our public radio. He always
played such tracks. Slightly dark, a little oneiric and out of this world. I
hope the album contains even more breakbeats.
The sounds as ever were good. Not as charismatic and singular as with
"Something wrong with your feet", but that of course was a completely
different workflow and original mindset. Still, I like it, that you never
succomb to the contemporary equivalents of "salat hitting the field" bass
drums and other sins of the time. Even the Lost in London remix, that we so
criticised for its drums had bite. And you stick to it with this little tune.
Is there a processed voice sample in it in the left channel? this is
something, that attracted my ear and wouldn't let go. :-)
OK, now I may actually have to listen to one of those thriller radioplays to
satisfy my Pablow reflex. :-)
Keep on the good work, as lofi as this and breakbeat as this or as hifi and
four-to-the-floor as the "all I need" remix. Uphold the appearance of good
bassdrums in all kinds of electronic styles!
Warm regards and thanks for sharing

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