Re: [LAU] New Swedish hiphop album made completely in Linux!

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To: Gabbe Nord <gabbe.nord@...>
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Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 6:14 pm

Hello Gabbe!
First of all thanks for an interesting album. And thanks for all the
different download possibilities. I used the torrent and it worked very
smoothly. This is very much appreciated!
So the album. I found it to be captivating. Not all the way through, but
there was enough difference and change between the songs, to be curious for
every next track. And my, there were a few surprises.
I love the occasional meditative passages, reminiscent of some of your
earlier solo productions. Very good wordplay as well. No, just joking. :-) I
don't speak Swedish. But sometiems it reminded me of nothern German speech
melody, comparing it to Fettes Brot in my mind. One of the last tracks - the
one with solo vocals most of the time - almost put me in mind of some piece
from Tuva I once heard.
Also the change in drumkits and arrangement - partly orchestral, very
electronic, acoustic guitar feel, etc. - was pleasant to the ears and mind. -
I had to smile, when I discovered, that you were able to recycle bits of
Change of Heart once more. :-) There were other movements, parts of riffs,
that reminded me of your handwriting.
One detail I stumbeld across in almost every song: why did you mix the
drumkits so quietly? Very counter-intuitive. The tracks do have punch, but
they could have had more of a raw edge of a drive with the drums mixed more
prominently. I recognise some Hydrogen kits here. :-) But thanks anyway, for
not using the TR-808 kit as so many hiphop artists appear to do in recent
years, not that I follow the scene closely. Perhaps they did stop doing so a
while ago. :-) Still, I'm glad to find the old school of percusive elements.
Yet as I said: not boring or repetitive amongst the pieces.
Nice work! I'll be listening to it again in portions. By the way, sorry for
not quoting tracknames, but there were a few characters, which I couldn't
interprete. I could read them, but didn't know, which letter of the alphabet
with which accent they were. I hope you will forgive me.
Thanks for sharing this album so freely!
Warm regards

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