[LAU] [a bit OT] Sebkha-Chott performs Frank Zappa's Thing Fish feat Ike Willis: crowdfunding call

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Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 1:54 pm

Hi all,

Well, this is a bit off-topic, but I know there are a lot of Frank Zappa
fans in there, and actually, this project will, once more, used free
software onstage (especially a videoprojection software to simulate the

So, here it is, Sebhka-Chott will perform Frank Zappa's Thing Fish in
commemoration of his death, 20 years ago.

Thing Fish is kinda Broadway Musical Comedy, but as Zappa wrote it, it's
absurd, freaks, and funny. Zappa never could perform it on stage, and,
from what we know, it only has been performed once, in London in 2003.

We will perform it at the Zappanale festival, in Germany, on 2nd of
August, and moreover, we will perform it in an extended version of
Sebkha-Chott, implying 13 people, including


the original Thing Fish, the singer of the album, and actually, the
companion of Zappa during his last 20 years.

Today is the day we launch a crowdfunding action, because it's a big
project, and we need help to make it possible for us to work on this not
only as volunteers!

A dedicated page is available here:

with some explanations about the project, and with a *TEASER* performed,
mixed and rendered with free softwares only (you should recognize
several Sebkha-Chott's typical).

To end up, I must admit, this time, and this time only, we're not
speaking about free art, cause Zappa Family Trust does not really manage
Zappa's thunes this way....

Thanks a lot for reading.


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