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On 05/02/2013 03:21 AM, Bearcat M. Şándor wrote:

I was guitarist/arranger/composer/whatever in a backing band for a
project a record company dude had back in 78-'79 or something, and I was
on the most terrible gig I have experienced ever. The keyboardist, which
happens to be my brother, and the drummer was so drunk (nerve medicine)
that they could not stand properly and the gig ended when the drummer
was falling forward over the drums, and he took the toms and a cymbal or
two with him on the way to the public. He did not manage to raise
properly and ran and fall straight to the first row from the scene. But
this was not the only scandal that evening. Some shit happened earlier
in the gig.

The record company dude insisted that his wife should sing this evening,
and she was supposed to sing a song in the middle of the gig. It was a
very easy song (the Credence song, Hello Mary Lou which was renamed
Hello Jerry Lou for the gig) and we had rehearsed it without her, so
this was the first time we heard her. When she started, it was no less
than terrible. She was so off pitch that a human ever can be, so I gave
our sound engineer a signal and he understood at once that he should
just fade her down to minimum and let me take over. The record dude was
so angry at me that he and his wife just disappeared from the gig when
we tried to save the rest of the song. He also refused to pay us for the
gig and i did not see him or hear from him before he divorced from his
wife a few years later.

Anyway, you already know how the gig ended. I never played with my
brother and the drummer again in public and I have a strict rule that I
never drink before a session.

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