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To: Fons Adriaensen <fons@...>
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Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 11:39 pm

Hello Fons!
Maybe I'm missing something. But what is the point in having seperate GUIs
and DSP cores, if the plugin can so easily fully depend on the GUI? Thinking
back to the early days of LV2, wasn't it just part of the point to decouple
GUI from DSP, so that there could be other ways of controlling the plugin?
Allowing hosts to create GUIs.
I seem to remember, that there were problems with a few VST plugins causing
all sorts of problems, because they were useless or simply un-runnable without
their GUIs, but their GUIs wouldn't work in our environments.
I thought, that the intention was to create a very flexible plugin system,
that could be plugged in anywhere.
As I say,I may have missed the point. In any case, I'm no developer, so I
have no grounds for complaining. I can like it or lump it. That too is part of
the freedom. and yes I see, that you only voiced an opinion and not a
guideline or law. I'm tagging this on, because I feel, that these days I
sometimes let my frustration get away with myself, which is unfair to those,
who haven't caused it. And this state of affairs isn't caused by any software
at all. :-)
Warm regards

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