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Date: Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 2:53 am

Hi all, and thank you for your responses. For those suggesting hardware, I already own the Mac, so that's not an issue at present.

I'm interested in mostly command line activity as I use a screen reader. I'm specifically interested in LinuxSampler, Jack, some IR software like ZitaConvolver, and SetBFree. Other than Zita, I've used all those before in Ubuntu with no problem, so I'm fairly used to them. I already have JackOS working, although I don't yet know how well its going to work. I already have LinuxSampler working. I've seen scripts for SetBFree which seem quite clear, requiring ZitaConvolver and Jack. In this case I get a complaint that Jack isn't available, which makes me think that JackOS isn't sufficient. Perhaps I need to compile one myself instead of using an installer? And is that even possible?

I realize all of this would be a lot simpler if I just used Linux, but then I have the difficulty of installing Linux on a system which is more difficult, especially because I want to maintain my current configuration of MacOS and Windows VII through BootCamp. I do use and need those two operating systems. I wanted the Linux on the Mac Laptop in order for portability, but I've installed Linux on my Desktop Windows system before, so I can go that route if this just isn't practical.

Anyway, I hope this is more clear. I think I have a suspicion of the easier way to go, but I just wondered if some of these things could actually be done within MacOS in order not to have to use an additional operating system. So, although this is no longer a Linux question to some degree, if I can get advice as to whether I should even try it or not, that would help. I used to run these things before with a much less powerful PC-type processor with no problem, so this system should work, unless the Mac system is just too different or incooperative to do it. Hope this helps. I don't intend to draw this out on list and get in the way, so direct contact would be fine if preferred. Thanks all very much.


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