[LAU] Review: Monophonic pitch-to-MIDI converters for Linux

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Date: Saturday, May 11, 2013 - 4:52 pm

On Thu, 2013-05-09 at 17:15 +0200, hermann meyer wrote:

I tested guitar to MIDI using Rakarrack and for some of my needs it does
work very good, resp. it would do, if I could get a lower latency, but I
can't get lower than 256 frames/period at 48 KHz, IOW 10.7 ms. This
latency is ok to play virtual synth by a keyboard, but it's to much to
"use" the "drawbacks" of the pitch to MIDI conversion, without causing a
bad musical timing. If the latency would be shorter, it would be
possible to control the drawbacks and to use them, while still playing
in time. It's less useful to play guitar and to convert after the guitar
is recorded, since then we can't control what the converter should do,
this only is possible, if we can listen in real-time, while playing, so
that we can directly interact with the converter. I got very good
results, but with a bad timing, regarding to the latency.

If latency wouldn't be an issue, I also would test gxtuner.lv2. Every
guitarist interested in guitar to MIDI, who has no issues with his audio
Linux, should test at least Rakarrack. I suspect that a latency half of
the one I get, IOW <= 5.33 ms, will be good enough for interaction. I've
got no chance to get that low with my RME card :(. I already get tons of
xruns when using 256 frames/period at 48 KHz, IOW 10.7 ms and there's
nothing I can tune on my machine, it's already tuned.

Good software! but the old Linux issue, terrible bad hardware support! I
don't think using another mobo with my card would improve it, since the
driver for my RME card is a PITA and I guess it's not maintained for my


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