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Date: Sunday, April 7, 2013 - 11:49 am

On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 04:15 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

I removed Phasex (btw. it calls itself a "developer's release) and build
a version from git, it's also a "developer's release, same version

$ sudo pacman -R phasex
Packages (1): phasex-0.14.97-1
$ yaourt -Syua phasex-git
aur/phasex-git 20130331-1
$ rm -r ~/.phasex/ /mnt/music/quantal/02song.a/share/phasex.cfg

First of all I only switched from the dark to the light theme and to the
notebook layout, to make the GUI usable, with the default settings it's
unusable on my tower PC with a tube monitor at 1152x864. Even the light
theme still is a PITA, some colours are still unreadable.

$ phasex
Not sending deprecated LASH_Client_Name event
LASH client initialized. (LASH_Client_Name='phasex').
Thank you for using PHASEX!
(C) 1999-2013 William Weston and others.
Released under the GNU Public License, Ver. 3
$ phasex

Closed and launched again, it's the same as for the package I used
first, it does start with the dark, completely unreadable theme. I don't
edit the config again and I won't use Phasex.

I like the sound of Phasex, but never used it. I don't remember why I
never used it, but Perhaps I always run into this issue. I'm already
annoyed by all those apps, were I have to manually load the settings
after starting them by a script, but at least I can store and load
settings for those apps. If this doesn't work, an app IMO is completely

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