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Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 7:59 pm

Hello Julien

Thanks for listening and for your lengthy and thoughtful comments.

Yeah, there was a lot of multitracking: I don't have any polyphonic
synths, so I couldn't easily do chord brass stabs using other synths, I
guess I might've used Mellotron brass ordinarily. But some of the riffs
could've been achieved more easily on a two oscillator (programmable)
synth instead of by layering. Using an actual string synth would've
saved a couple of layered tracks as well.

There was a lot of bouncing of parts to free up resources as well: I
seem to have run into some freeze/bounce issues in A3, so did it
manually, creating extra tracks, recording, de-activating the originals.

It's nothing special rhythmically: starts in 11/8, then 10/8, then
free-form, then 10/8 and finally back to 11/8 with the reprise. I tend
not to solo "in time", just continuing a phrase until it ends, wherever
that may be, so I guess that makes it seem a little more complex than it
really is.

There are a lot of little "moments" that I like and I'd be hard-pressed
to choose a favourite, but I was pleased with how nicely the 12-string
electric came out. I'm glad there was plenty to tickle your ears.

I've not consciously done anything different with my drum processing --
probably just slightly less unskilled use of EQ and compression. Same
for the mix as a whole. Perhaps I'm actually learning.

But I don't have any standard ways of doing things, I just process stuff
in what seems to be the best way at the time that I'm doing it.

I tend to lean towards more sparing use of reverb, although probably not
as sparing as a lot of classic prog from the 70s. I think too little is
probably better than too much, so better to go easy.

Thanks again for listening.



On 19/04/13 20:35, Julien Claassen wrote:

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