[LAU] Old Yamaha hardware/etc. Anyone interested.

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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 3:55 pm

I have come into possession, and still have most of this stuff:


2 x MY4-DA digital > analog cards

1 x MY4-AD analog > digital card

2 x MY8-AD analog > digital card

2) Modular Synthesis Plug-in System --

2 x PLG150-AN Analog physical modeling plug-in board

2 x PLG150-DX Advanced DX/TX plug-in board

1 x PLG150-VL Virtual acoustic plug-in board

1 x PLG150-PF Piano plug-in board

1 x PLG100-XG XG plug-in board

3) SY-85 Performance Data Disk for SY-85 synthesizers (3.5" floppies) -
obsolete, no longer on Yamaha website

1 x VD-8501 "Top 40" -- 128 performances & 256 voices

1 x SD-8501 "Rock Band" sound data disk -- 17 waveforms, 128 voices, 64

2 x SD-8502 "Sax & Brass" sound data disk -- 6 waveforms, 128 voices, 64

4) gone

5) SY-22 Synthesizer Voice & Memory Data Cards (about the size of old PCMCIA

3 x VC2252W -- "Vector 2 Studio Selection" -- 64 voices

3 x MCD32 -- 32KB RAM cards

6) Music Cartridges (beyond obsolete)

1 x EMS MC107 / OM 23945 -- "Jazz" Music Cartridge Styles

1 x EMS MC105 / OM 23943 -- "Classic & Folk" Music Cartridge Styles

I need to get them moved, either to a home that wants them or to the dump. If
anyone is into this stuff and would like any of it (just pay shipping and
similar costs, or come to the Bahamas and pick them up yourself!) let me

This stuff is basically unused and in original boxes.

all the best,

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